6 Reasons Why a Mobile App is an Absolute Necessity for an ECommerce Business

It’s an era of smart phones and it is fastest growing industry where mobile apps plays a major role in connecting people. Any business needs a mobile app and it is truer in case of ecommerce companies. According to a research by Gartner if you only own a ecommerce website you are missing at least 60% of potential traffic which can come via mobile apps. The way today we communicate with our friends, family and relatives has changed a lot and fully depend on mobiles and internet. Want to wish on bday? Send message on whatsapp, Want to send gift to your near and dear ones? Send gift online through mobile apps, etc and much more through apps and mobiles. So why do you think it is different for ecommerce?

Lets dig deeper into the pool of reasons that why mobile apps are so necessary for an ecommerce business

1) User preferences and awareness:- With the ratio of 80% of users says that they prefer mobile apps for shopping via mobile browsers. Mobile apps makes shopping safe, secure and easy. Cookies help them to remember the Url and so there are login issues. Every Time they save their items are always seen stored in their apps which makes it easy for them to shop.

2) Easy payment options:- While mobile app is developed they take care of secure payment options for hassle free shopping experience. This makes it the buying process streamlined from their end.

3) Stay connected socially:- Mobile apps encourage social sharing via their apps. So if you more business and let your customers do advertising and promotion for you then sharing your social account ids of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites help you build more audience and customers.

Ecommerce websites cannot survive without a mobile app today

4) Ease of access and maintenance:- Mobile apps are kind of easy and convenient option to get in touch with your customers and business. There are some issues with external or other apps like if developer decides to stop the support for the application and you left with no functionality and help then mobile apps are your right hand.

5) Push notifications are important:- Notifications are really important because it helps you do your half of the work like giving that special offers to customers, also when you want to put up a sale or some special discounted products. Push notifications can be location based which let you know which customers are interested in what. It can surely help you boost sales.

6) Mobile apps builds a brand:- Put your brand and products center with the help of mobile app in the form of pop-ups and advertising. Apps are like ears and eyes of the shopper. Customers sees what it has been shown always to the screen, so why not your brand and products. All this can happen only because of mobile apps.

Mcommerce is growing at a much faster pace than any other digital channel — Gartner Report 2016

Concluding here, just wanted to say that in this digital era we have digital solutions available for finding, targeting and converting the market towards the peak. A custom mobile app is one such way to increase your chances of success.

Take good advantage of such technology and take your ecommerce business to that dream level.

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