9 pre-launch mobile app marketing strategies

Launching an app is one of the most important processes of a business holding. Do not delay; start thinking on pre-launch process of your mobile app. While a media push can drive hype around your app, the effects aren’t, though, long lasting. Here we bring to you 9 effective tips for a successful pre-launch app marketing strategy.

Competitive Analysis

Regardless of the type of marketing strategy you have, a thorough competitive analysis is indispensible! It wins half the battle. Reach out to expert opinions, consult with industry specialists and enlist the competitors in your field. Try to gauge the moves taken by your competitors in recent times and analyse how the strategies had worked for them so far.

Defining buyer persona is also an important task to do here. Figure out the common characteristic of buyers interested in your product. Chalk out their buying habits and common interest while shopping for an app. Features most liked by the users will give you an idea about the top USP of any app. You can design your app accordingly and plan out marketing strategies keeping those features as focal points of marketing!

App Release Date

When your app is ready, plan a suitable release date! Do not just throw it in app store hoping for the best. Certain occasions that best suit your app or business model is the best time to pick for release. For example, an app for a business dealing with ladies apparel might choose International Women’s Day as the release date. Or, if you are about to release a gaming app, selecting any of the most anticipated sporting tournaments’ inauguration day as your app release day will be wise enough!

App Store Optimization

ASO — Application Storage Optimization is perhaps the most important part in your promotional strategy. Visitors will turn into customers when ASO is impressive and effective. Start searching for most relevant keywords and make use of them in app name and descriptions. Descriptive icons, high quality videos and impressive screenshots work well in the process.

a. App Name: Create an App Name based on your brand name and the most significant feature of your app.

b. App Description: Describe your app using relevant keywords. It should be readable and intriguing.

c. Keyword Optimization: This is a dynamic process. You need to figure out the relevant keywords time to time and make wise use of them.

d. App Visuals: An interesting icon can intrigue customer interest to download and use your app. Invest in a video that will persuade customer to download the app.

Beta invites

Do not populate your app with all features in the world. Include only the important ones and invite beta users to choose significant ones among those. There are few sites and platforms where you can release your app and ask users to evaluate. For example, Preapps — here you can invite beta testers to test your app. Consequently, you can start building email list and have a worthwhile evaluation.

Content Marketing Strategy

Attract users with rich content and make them a part of your marketing strategy. All you need to do is to create a website, publish a blog and invite users to like and share on Social Media platforms.

a. Build a Website:

Website is the best medium to share your information and attract customers from across the borders. Design an attractive website and make it SEO friendly, ensuring all search engines crawls it to the first SERP when relevant keywords are typed. Adding a subscription form in the website helps user to quickly subscribe for your app after getting relevant information they needed.

b. Create a blog:

Creating a blog is imperative for all businesses. Blogs help businesses connect with users through interesting information. It helps businesses keep their visitors updated and keep up their interest level high!

c. Engage audience through various Social Media Platforms:

What could be more effective engagement platform other than a Social Media network? Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Quora and Reddit have proved to be the best organic traffic generation since a couple of years. These networks help businesses interact with audience directly and create an enduring bond between each other. Create your community, invite people, share posts and videos and generate a higher engagement ratio. This will definitely increase your product visibility and help generate better and bigger sales.

Email Marketing

Do not ever underestimate the power of Email Marketing. Email is the best way to present your product to the customer in person. It helps increase brand awareness and makes you more familiar with target audience. For effective email marketing, ensure that:

· Your email is short and crisp

· Your email shooting list consists of most potential customers who can spread the word of mouth in future as well.

· Email is personalized and Call To Action button is added in each mail.

Budget Planning

Depending on the size, duration and the resources required for execution of a campaign, one should plan a budget well ahead. One needs to carefully select the resources and organize them well. But one thing needs to be noted here that resources and other details should never be compromised to round up a budget.

Think Ahead

Start thinking ahead for resource allocation! Who should review your app, who should post your blogs, update your website or interact with customers. Pre-launching activity definitely needs a power thinking ahead, without which everything might just scramble apart!

Organize task

Avoid messing up things. Scribble on your plans in detail. Make lists of activities to be done and allocate resources for each. Pre-marketing plan helps regulate and enhance promotional process.


It is inevitable to start marketing your app long before its launch. Engage with customers well ahead and keep them informed on your app launch. Produce teasers and attract visitors. If you’re marketing strategies work well and your app delivers what it had promised to its customers, your app will soon become the best seller in the category.

At Promatics Technologies, we offer strong and effective pre-launch app marketing strategies that had brought smiles and satisfaction to many businesses. After all Promatics has been rated as one of India’s top mobile app development company by industry think tanks and research houses. Are you looking to make your app presence to be felt everywhere? Do give us a visit. We are waiting to launch your app on a global platform! You can reach us at info@promaticsindia.com or send in a Request for quote.




I live, breathe and dream mobile apps. My interest lies in pursuing and getting to know the best app development technologies, processes and platforms.

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Rahul Singh

Rahul Singh

I live, breathe and dream mobile apps. My interest lies in pursuing and getting to know the best app development technologies, processes and platforms.

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