The rivalry between iOS and Android has continued since the time they both began to exist. The topic does not seem to grow old for a discussion. Instead, new aspects and analyses emerge after the release of any new feature on either side.

On one hand, smartphone users and reviewers on either side are head-to-head with each other on figuring out the better of Apple and Android. On the other hand, developers and companies are concerned about which platform has more potential to achieve their objectives and what opportunities and costs are they looking at on either side.

Let’s have…


The advertisement industry has seen drastic shifts in recent years first newspapers and brochures to TV ads and then TV ads to the internet and mobile-app ads. While the newspaper ads added mass reach, TV ads brought interactive content to the table. Internet and mobile app advertisements introduced features of personalization and pin-point audience targeting to get the most out of the minimum possible spending.

Mobile ads, on one hand, provide effective marketing opportunities to companies, they also provide a common but unique business model for app owners and developers to get paid for their efforts without compromising on their…

In a quest to gain a significant competitive edge on the iOS app store, iOS developers try to push extra content and features, for example, premium content, subscriptions, and digital goods using in-app purchases. Apple also allows app businesses to promote and offer in-app purchases directly on the app store.

Apple’s in-app purchase program can help app owners sell a variety of content like subscriptions, new features, and services on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Type of In-App Purchases

I. Consumable

These types of in-app purchases are often depletable and require frequent repurchasing. …

Having a product specification, choosing a remote app development company, and signing an official contract can be just that unless you have any idea about how remote cooperation in app development works. Businesses need to set up cooperative objectives, expectations, and rules right at the start of a project to ensure that the development team serves as a virtual extension of your in-house team.

We are a mobile app development company based in India, working with clients globally. Most of our clients allow us to collaborate virtually and serve them the best apps in the market. Over the years, we…

Dating Apps: What Lies Ahead?

Along with the tech influx in our lives, it is only natural that it took the dating world by storm. The vivid convenience and excitement that they bring to a user’s experience, dating apps are a new favourite on the market. Thus, when it comes to dating apps, the odds remain in favour of the online dating business. Revenue in the Online Dating segment amounts to US$2,141m in 2020 with an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020–2024) of 4.3%, states a Statista report.

It is the business of love, and it is all set to bloom in the times to come…

The Best Chatbot Frameworks out there

80% of businesses are expected to have chatbot automation by 2022. Interactive applications that engage customers through meaningful dialogue, chatbots are the way forward for companies that intend to beautify their customer service, marketing, and lead generation operations. The choice of Chatbot builder can be a game-changer when it comes to creating chatbots for your business. Businesses profit from personalized marketing thanks to Chatbots that make one of the few communication channels to offer a genuine one-to-one experience between brands and users.

Here are the Top Chatbot Development Frameworks You Must Consider

Microsoft Bot Framework

Designed exclusively to interact, talk, listen, and communicate with your customers, Microsoft Bot Framework builds phenomenal frameworks. This…

You have thought of that promising app idea that will free you from all your woes. You are convinced it will become the next Instagram or Whatsapp. All you need is to develop and launch now.

Hang on there!

Mobile App market is one crowded space with more than 5 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple app store combined. For an app business to make its presence felt in this stream of innumerable tech marvels, the app product needs to be outstanding, should leverage the right technologies, and should have a competitive edge to it. As businesses…

What is Mobile App Wireframing?

Wireframes can be described as pure black and white layouts that outline the specific size and placement of page elements, features, conversion areas and navigation on an app or website. They lack real design elements like colours and fonts and are used to bring out an app’s structure specifically. Done at early stages of development, wireframing helps team in visualizing the composition of a concept. Not only do wireframes bring out the underlying app architecture, but they also place an enhanced focus on the app’s usability.

During wireframing developers can rearrange elements quickly and easily for iteration as they seek…

With the Coronavirus accelerating digital adoption Mobile app-based businesses have seen a massive upsurge, recently. You can convert an interesting idea into a business opportunity with the right kind of knowledge and resources. However, most of the times’ idea innovators have unanswered questions that plague them and stop them from working to bring their idea to reality. Nevertheless, if you have the right mindset, skills, and passion, you can be a successful entrepreneur. Here is a post about the top 10 common mobile app development questions that we often get:

Question I: How Can I Validate My App Idea?

Answer: You can use a Proof of Concept (POC), Prototype…

Every successful app product on the market is the end result of a close-knit work association of designers, developers and businesses. All stakeholders carry with them different backgrounds and thus have differently oriented viewpoints of looking at the same project. A business having an app developed by working in close association with a mobile app development company may find itself lost when it comes to technical terminology, that seems confusing at best. For example; the meaning of words like wireframe, mock-up and prototype is seemingly the same for a layman. However, development experts know that the three terms mean radically…

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