Here are the most popular Video chat APIs to be considered for your mobile app

Most popular Video Chat APIs

Mobile app market has gained a huge popularity in the recent years. The reason behind this could be the features that are added to your smartphones. Whether it is built-in or downloaded features, people are getting attracted to them. Currently, there are a few features such as — video calling, audio, text messaging etc that support localized experience.

Video chat is something that people always love doing. The users can stay connected with their family members and friends, even if they are staying thousands of miles away from them. The adoption of video chatting grew steadily due to the advent of more bandwidth and better video chat apps. There are plenty of web based video apps that allow users to see the person they are speaking with.

What is video chat API/SDK?

How Video Chat works?

Video chat API can be used to direct video calls, file sharing and audio calls. It will help the communication process go in a smooth way. Video chatting has been there for long time and new technologies have been coming up in front of mobile app developers. If you want to develop the bet quality video app, you should first know about different types of APIs. You can achieve the best result in creating the top rated video chat app.

Top video chat APIs

The features of your video chat mobile app should depend on the target audience, and not personal assumptions. Some of the popular video calling apps are coupled with text messaging, animations, edits and custom filters.

WebRTC is an open source technology that makes it easier for developers to create video chat applications that need AV streaming. WebRTC allow users to connect peer-to-peer and dive into ultimate video calling experience. The full package of WebRTC includes — data streaming, P2P, video and audio codecs, etc. The P2P mechanism in WebRTC provides connectivity via STUN to generate network topology route.

WebRTC is a great API for mobile app development, as the basics of video calling are simplified. The majority of video chatting apps are built using WebRTC API. There is a plethora of useful apps that are built using WebRTC, especially if you are considering developing video chat app on Android or iOS.

The cost of building a video chat app using WebRTC will depend on the features you want to add. Different features of the video chatting app can be priced differently. If you want to create simple features for your app, it might cost you around $15,000. Based on the features, it can go up to $80,000.

There are various mobile APIs that help you build the best video chatting app. some of the popular video chat APIs/SDKs are as below –

· Pubnub

The infrastructure of PubNub API will allow developers to build innovative and powerful chat apps that are highly reliable and encompasses enterprise-grade security.

· CometChat

The key features of CometChat are — seamless integration, highly scalable, runs on any server and works everywhere. These features make CometChat a must for every video chat app. Use CometChat on your mobile app, as it works well on every platform.

· Twilio

Twilio also provides a web service called ‘In the Cloud’ that enables developers to integrate real-time phone calls into the apps. In short, Twilio API integration is the best way to develop business by leveraging telephone system in a cost-effective way.

· Quickblox

Quickblox is used by dozens of social networking apps and enterprises. They are simple to integrate and take benefit from the ever changing internet communication technology. Quickblox also provides features like — content settings, ratings, users, location etc.

· Sinch

Developers can now add video call to anywhere in the world from your mobile app with Sinch SDK. You can pay as you grow and there are no hidden charges. Sinch provides an SDK for mobile app developers for Android and iOS. The platform is based on VOIP and WebRTC to power the products.

· TokBox

TokBox is one of those companies to fully bet on WebRTC, in-browser video and text chat. It provides a variety of tools to deliver enterprise grade WebRTC through OpenTok video platform. It is based on simple Java API and allows developers to place live video chat windows on apps easily. With OpenTok, developers will get an opportunity to develop the most interactive and engaging mobile experience for users.


There are many companies such as — PubNub, TokBox, Sinch, Quickblox and Twilio whose source code can be integrated with third-party APIs like — WebRTC, Restful, and JavaScript etc. There are many technologies for developing video chat apps and the most demanding is WebRTC. The majority of companies provide the most comprehensive solution to communicate cross-platform.

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