How often you your app should send push notifications

Rahul Singh
5 min readMay 5, 2017

As more and more apps continue to dominate the mobile app industry, many business owners are looking for ways to reach their users. Push Notifications are the best way to reach potential customers. However, the biggest question is “How often your app should send Push Notifications”?

There is no perfect answer to this question because it depends entirely on the type of app. Some apps send 1–2 notifications per week, while some apps send 7–10 notifications per week. It entirely depends on the type of app and its features.

Before we go into detail, let’s see how push notifications engage the users and how important it is to send push notifications.

Why should your app send push notifications?

Mobile retention is a major task these days. You can barely get through the week without knowing about the new app your friend or colleague is using. Push notifications drive strong mobile engagement and it is no longer an option to have this feature. It’s a must, if you want your app to succeed for long term. The below statistics show how push notifications engage the users and why they are essential to your mobile marketing strategy.

1.) Push notifications boost the user engagement by 85%, when used properly. The frequency of acceptable push notifications varies between app industries and end users.

2.) When the push is enabled, more than 65% of the users return to an app. This statistic show how compelling and beneficial push notifications are.

3.) 50% of the users find push notifications to be useful. However, to leave a positive impact on the user — every push notification should be segmented and crafted with the end user in mind.

Why Push Notifications are important?

Using push apps is one of the best marketing strategies. However, many marketers are not using them effectively. Use your app combined with powerful push notifications to combat churn and promote strong user experiences.

Want to know more about sending push notifications

We already saw how push notifications engage new users and re-engage the existing ones. However, they can be dull and repetitive, if your app does not send it the right way. Here are a few tips to send push notifications the right way. After reading this post, you will know how often your app should send push notifications.

  • Know the app and the user

You should know your audience before you send push notifications. The fact is that they like your app and they want to get informed about the regular updates. This help you decide what kind of content you should push to them.

  • How should be the frequency of push notifications?

The right frequency of push notifications varies from brand to brand. How much to push depends on a number of factors. No one likes the same thing to be told again and again. If you have push notification that says the same thing, it’s better to send it sparingly. If you have unique and varied content, you can send push notifications frequently. Make sure that it is informative and at the same time entertaining.

a.) If the app is new, it can send push notifications 3–4 times a day — — depending on the relevance of your audience.

b.) If the app is in gaming category, once in a day is fine. The most important thing to consider is the time to send push notifications for gaming apps.

c.) Fitness apps can be pushed 3–4 times a week. Again, quantity of push notifications depends on the type of fitness app.

Frequency of Push Notifications

If you are proposing new programs every day, then daily reminders are acceptable. You need to implement push notifications carefully to get the best results. Moreover, you should make it right in the first attempt every day.

  • What time you should send push notifications?

Push notifications work well, when they are relevant to the user and the timing is right. Timing plays a very important role in sending push notifications. It is advised to target the push notifications based on the time zone. Even though the push notification is creative and informative, no one likes being woken up midnight or early morning.

Push notifications should always be sent on happy hours for effective result. The best time to send push notifications between 10AM and 1 PM.

As said before, push notifications are important. You will be able to compare it with that of your competitors, by benchmarking it.

  • Is the push notification beneficial for your users?

When your app sends a push notification, you have got the green light. When the push itself is self-serving, push it sparingly or you may lose a lot for sending them. Some customers tell you when they want to hear from you and what they want to hear from you through a preference center. If they ask for alert about everything about your business, push away. Customers will appreciate informative push notifications.

Push notifications should encourage user action that is beneficial for them and inform you as well. You will reap the ROI rewards, whenever they learn something from you or redeem offers. In other words, it removes the guesswork giving you direct insight of what is working and what is failing.

  • How to send push notifications on iOS and Android?

Both iOS and Android have notifications that pop-up at the top of screen. However, there are a few limitations when it comes to the operating system. Make sure that the push notifications are designed considering the OS in mind.

iOS users enjoy a bit of control, when it comes to notifications. Avoid sending ‘Slide to view’ push notification to Android users, as swiping will make the notification disappear. Developers should use ‘Tap’ for push notifications on Android, and “Slide’ for iOS.

Push notifications should be kept short and simple. They should be instantly readable by the user. As a rule of thumb — push notifications should be around 60–90 characters for Android, and less than 120 characters for iOS. If you have multiple apps, you can start promotion between apps.


The mobile world changes with a great pace, and to keep up with the consumers — testing is very essential. Whether it is playing with the designing, content or timing of push notifications, you should act smart. Push notifications give instant access to information without costing user’s time and money.

Now, you have got the basics of sending push notifications. Have fun using push notifications!!!

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