How to get your app stand out in app store

Follow these simple guidelines to make your app shine in app store

Google and Apple’s App Stores have more than 3 million apps available for users and the number is growing day by day. App developers are confronted with unprecedented changes, as a result of which they have to strive hard to stay ahead of their competitors.

With millions of apps on App Store, it is a challenging task to stand out in the app market. There is a great need of App Store optimization. Mobile app developers should be able to persuade users to download their app. There are few steps that developers can follow to get their app stand out in the app store.

There are some simple and easy ways to make it easier for users to find you. All you need to do is just take advantage of the best practices laid out in this post to stand out in the app store.

Step 1 — Build a high quality app

Your app should work smoothly and be well secured. If it comes like an amateur app, users may not trust it. Make sure you have eliminated all the flaws and bugs, before it hits the App Store.

Step 2 –Know your target audience

Mobile app developers should understand the geographical differences. Know the audience before you actually build the app. Make sure to tweak the app for specific countries, as there can be lot of cultural differences. Developers also need to consider functional differences, as different countries have different privacy protection laws.

Step 3 –Check out your competition and try to do something different

Testing the icon should be an important part of testing schedule. Make sure to check on iPads, iPhones and Android devices (whichever is compatible). Put the icon randomly on the screen filled with other apps and check if your app is identified easily. The more innovative and creative is the app icon, the higher is its exposure on App Store.

Step 4 — Add attractive visuals

Try to make everything visually appealing. In short, the visuals should show the essence of your app. This means app development companies should take care of UI like never before.

Make you app stand out by taking care of these simple things

Step 5–Optimize your app for App Store

Having an app icon that can easily conveys the message to the user will help you drive huge traffic. Be careful not to add irrelevant keywords to goose up the ASO. Don’t depend only on the keywords. You need to convince the users to download the app, once they get to your page.

Step 6–Market your app with the help of a website

There are different types of websites that can be built to promote your app. Some of the most creative options include — building a teaser website, creating product videos, start a blog, build a microsite, share your content on other sites, etc. You can even include the app on LinkedIn Page, social accounts and other place for better exposure.

Step 7 — Get app store reviews and feedback

Do not show interest in paid or fake reviews. Real users can easily identify fake reviews and complain about them to app store. Endorsements from real users are always valuable and incredibly effective. Take some time to find genuine professionals, journalists and bloggers who can exchange their opinion about your app.


Making an app and getting success from it is not an easy task. Most of the people struggle to get into the spotlight. We at Promatics Technologies, ease things out for you. If you are looking for some new and innovative ideas, contact us or send in a request for quote.

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