Real Estate industry is making the best use of Augmented Reality: State of Affairs

Augmented Reality and Real Estate are made for each other

With the rapid development of AR technology, consumers are presented with unique opportunities to make life much easier. The same is the case with real estate development. If you are a realtor, you might already know about the impact of technology in real estate industry. Almost all the businesses are getting benefitted from AR technology. In this post, I will help you understand how AR technology is bringing revolutionary change in real estate industry. After reading this post, you will know about the latest technology trends that are impacting the real estate market.

Before we go into detail, let’s have a look at augmented reality and how do the realtors benefit from augmented reality.

What is an augmented reality?

How do realtors benefit from AR technology?

• Provide consumers a better clarity over property

Besides this, AR mobile apps allow you to walk through the streets and discover nearby properties. All you need to do is just point your smart device at any house and get detailed information such as — contact information, price, the status of construction etc. In short, AR mobile apps give consumers a better clarity about your products. You can attract target audience by developing AR mobile apps in real estate industry.

How does Augmented Reality helps Real Estate Professionals?

• Better exposure

In a survey, 40% of buyers said that they will pay more for the property if they could experience the property virtually. In short, AR technology is the latest trend and its inclusion can cause a stir among the public.

• Cost-effective

Mobile apps are replacing traditional marketing techniques as they are capable of reaching potential customers. If we compare traditional marketing with AR-based mobile marketing, the shift is towards AR apps. AR apps can be used for advertising and marketing purpose. Create interactive printed catalogs, big boards and animated calls to increase sales without spending much.

• Reach target audience

The information provided by your app can be seen from anywhere and anytime. You can make your app an interactive brochure of your company to attract the target audience. If you aim to convert a prospective buyer living abroad into a potential customer, you can give them an idea of the property with AR app.

It is possible to reach target audience living in different countries of the world and show a 360-degree view of your property. You can let the potential buyer browse, compare and analyze properties without moving from their place.

Are AR apps beneficial for buyers too?

AR mobile apps also help buyers find the exact distance of the property from their current location. All such information is beneficial for the buyer to make the right decision. Buyers can use AR apps to experiment with design elements and check how the finished rooms look — before they actually commit to the choices in furnishings, floor, and fixtures.


AR mobile apps are all about feeding the consumers with right information about the product. It’s time to break the monotony of browsing the property catalog. Realtors can boost their brick and mortar company experience by overlapping the real-world with a digital layer.

The value of AR technology in real estate industry lies in generating 3D model structures and enriching them with digital content. Augmented reality is beneficial when the project is moving from prototyping to construction phase. According to the experts, AR will help reduce errors in real estate projects — eventually saving a lot of time for construction companies.

If you are planning to build an AR app for your real estate company, we are here to help you. We provide cutting-edge AR solutions to the real estate companies that aim to drive sales to the next level. Contact us today for details!

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