Should you use facial recognition for your apps yet? Let’s understand the basics

Facial recognition in apps is growing gradually

Face recognition technology has become highly popular because of its huge benefits. The main purpose of this software is to identify human faces by analyzing the characteristics of a person’s face images taken with digital video camera. This is a highly reliable technology that leaves the people unaware of the process.

The consumer market is full of mobile apps that can tag you with the help of face recognition technology. Mobile app developers face several issues such as –limited storage, less process power, band width, connection instability etc with mobile apps of this category. The main idea behind developing this type of mobile apps is to identify people and adapt it to many apps in future.

This post is meant to provide information about face recognition mobile apps, the technology behind it and why you need face recognition mobile apps.

Let’s get started…..

What is facial recognition?

Face biometrics have the potential to be integrated anywhere you can find a digital camera. It has paved a way for selfie-based authentication on smart devices such as — tablets, laptops and phones. Though it doesn’t deal with hard identities, it has the ability to gather data on large crowds. It is easy to use, especially on consumer devices.

How it works?

Humans always have ability to recognize and distinguish between faces, and hence it seems to be an easy thing. Though the facial recognition system uses 80 nodal points to identify targeted individuals, it is sometimes unreliable. There may be cases when the conditions are unfavorable and the light is insufficient. However, it is difficult to fool — as face recognition compares the facial landmarks, angles of defined facial features and specific proportions. In short, these elements cannot be easily concealed by eyeglasses, make up, moustache or beard.

Applications of face recognition technology

Fraud detection




Pros and cons of face recognition technology


· Great level of accuracy

· It is easy to integrate face recognition technology into an app or device

· It is fully automated and no human intervention is needed


· Processing and storing huge database of image is difficult

· Lighting and pose can affect the accuracy

Popular apps that use it

The principle of face recognition apps is quite simple. All these apps are aimed at protecting your confidential information, providing you a different level of security.


Whether you want to build a consumer app or an enterprise app, adding face recognition technology gives you a competitive edge over others. If you are looking further to get your app, we are always there to help you. Promatics Technologies Private Limited will ensure you the best app with the most advanced features like face detection.

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