What is the best time to launch mobile apps for your ecommerce website?

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Mobile apps are natural progression for ecommerce website

Smartphones are gaining a lot of popularity these days. People are using mobile apps for multiple purposes such as shopping, playing, personal assistance, navigation etc. More and more firms are pushing to launch their mobile app that works seamlessly on any platform. The mobile apps can be integrated with any ecommerce store and you can take better control of your business.

In a survey, it was found that more than 30% of ecommerce transactions are performed on mobile. The biggest challenge faced by ecommerce businesses is to stand out in the competition with an interactive app that engages different types of buyers. More than 85% of consumers prefer buying over the mobile application, which shows that there are big opportunities here.

A lot of ecommerce business owners ask — “Is it really essential to have a mobile app?” Well, technology is growing at a fast rate and it is must to adapt it to meet the demands of consumers.

We are living in the world of technology and hence it is must for business owners to walk along with the current trends. Android and iOS are the two essential platforms and there are hundreds of apps on both these platforms. The demand of mobile apps has increased in the recent years to the extent that people consider mobile apps as an essential part of their lives. The need and dependency of mobile apps is increasing at a rapid rate and if you want to focus on large audience, you should consider having a mobile app for your ecommerce store.

A lot of ecommerce site owners depend on mobile responsive websites to attract mobile visitors. However, mobile responsive sites don’t provide complete solution. If you want a great marketing strategy, a good mobile app is must. Here are some of the reasons why mobile apps are better than website.

· More than 75% of users prefer buying over mobile app than website. The usage on tablets and mobile devices is higher compared to desktops and laptops.

· Mobile apps provide instant update and one can achieve ultimate performance and user experience. Push notifications are the most important features of mobile app, where users can receive instant updates. As an ecommerce owner, you can stay in touch with your consumers as long as they keep the app.

· Ecommerce apps help in improving brand loyalty, as retailers can offer mobile only deals to rewards mobile users.

Mobile apps are an essential part of marketing strategy. If you want to start a relationship with your store visitors, you should launch a mobile app. The ultimate goal of your mobile app is to provide seamless user experience, regardless of the device they are using.

Once you have decided to have a mobile app for your ecommerce website, the next question is–“How to build a mobile app and launch it successfully?”

When it comes to build mobile apps, there are different platforms to choose from. Though iOS apps are earning high, one should not forget the fact that iOS apps have limited users and are restricted in developed countries that can afford high prices iOS apps.

Android is an open source platform and more than 70% of mobile devices run on Android platform. Mobile apps are perfect to build loyalty programs and you no more need to depend on third party browsing platforms. If you have a look at some of the popular ecommerce apps like — Amazon, ebay, Flipkart etc, you will find that their sales would drop sharply without an app. Customers place order through ecommerce apps so that they can skip the line, especially when they are in rush. You will thank your mobile app as it makes easier to repeat purchases and increase conversions.

Getting the right app for your ecommerce business is not the only consideration. You should plan ahead and launch at the right time to attract large group. There are evidences that suggests the good times and bad times to build and launch mobile apps. You need to take additional steps to get an app out and attract users.

E-commerce is an online activity where people buy products and transact online. Building an ecommerce app and putting it on store has become quite simpler these days. With so many apps on the app store, it is must to build the best quality ecommerce app. Many of the ecommerce apps provide poor user experience and lose their valuable time and money.

From years of experience in developing mobile apps, we at Promatics technologies love to share our thoughts that help you get on the right track while developing ecommerce mobile app. Here are some guidelines to set stage to build and launch an app.

· Check if you have the desired resources

Building a mobile app is a big investment. Don’t build an app for your ecommerce store just because everyone else is doing. If you are not sure of the new revenue stream, conduct some research beforehand. Spend some time on growing the existing customer base as well as making new customers. Have all the resources in hand before establishing a business case. Once you have all the resources in hand, it’s time to build a mobile app.

· Focus on mobile traffic

If you are seeing a good amount of mobile traffic, it mean’s its time to invest in a mobile app. If you are ignoring the conversions from mobile traffic, it means you are not capitalizing on it. You should invest in a mobile app to improve targeted sales, instead of wasting your money. As an ecommerce business owner, you should always look for ways to improve sales. Understand mobile traffic growth to identify long-term benefits and check if mobile traffic makes sense for your ecommerce business.

· Stay ahead of your competitors

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you should build a mobile app for your ecommerce business. There are lots of businesses that have created websites early and kept their business traditional. There are certainly a lot of factors to adapt and once your ecommerce portal moves to mobile you will see a lot of difference.

Buying products through mobile devices was a fear in the past. Today, consumers are comfortable buying from their mobile devices. It’s time to start thinking about mobile app for your ecommerce store. Keep in mind that ecommerce website development is much easier than building similar apps. To build and launch a mobile app, you must have a strong plan long before. If you are not sure about where to start from, contact us today! We will help you by developing the best mobile app for your ecommerce store.

I live, breathe and dream mobile apps. My interest lies in pursuing and getting to know the best app development technologies, processes and platforms.

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