When to redesign your app?

What should trigger an app redesign?

A change in design or technology can make mobile app archaic in the eyes of customers. In order to achieve optimum level of performance from your mobile app, it needs to be redesigned. No doubt, functionality, stability, performance are something which is extremely important for a mobile application to catch user’s eyes. However, the first thing that user notices after any mobile app is launched is its design. Its’ the design of your mobile application that can catch the eyes of user, if the design of mobile application is not attractive, user can go for other options.

As per our research done and after talking with industry experts, we bring you the cases when your mobile application needs a redesign:

Case 1: Change in guidelines

Case 2: Outdated Design

Well, your application may get outdated and tradition as well. If it’s been a long since your application design update, you must go for a redesign. It is not necessary to follow every design change, but it is highly recommended to update your mobile application from time to time.

Case 3: Porting your application to other platform

Case 4: Complicated Application Interface

Case 5: Company Rebranding

Don’t forget to redesign your mobile application if you have changed your company branding.

Case 6: Bad Interface Design

The design of your application continuously evolves as the user or business needs evolves. Sometimes there are instances when existing design cannot be evolved further, some of the reasons for this may include:

a.) The design cannot be extended so that they can accommodate new business goals.

b.) A large mass of user is not able to accomplish the task they are trying for.

c.) The visual design of application is outdated

d.) A large mass of user is not satisfied with the existing design (as determined by usability testing or survey’s)

e.) The existing design has large number of user experience issues.

f.) Design aspect is inconsistent in terms of visual or interaction design, leading user to confusion.

g.) Technology Stack based outdated design which makes it difficult to add new features.

h.) The existing design cannot be extended to fulfil the goals and needs of a new user group.

When one or more of the above mentioned factors are present, it’s time to redesign your app.

Get your app redesigned now!

According to traditional methodology, the company used to update their website or application once in 2–3 years. But as per the new technology era, you should update your application continuously and that may be based on analytics and user engagement. Continuous enhancing your mobile app in terms of design and functionality helps you in increasing the lead conversion along with enhancing user experience.

Apart from the points mentioned above, it is very important to understand that you can’t simply go for a redesign just because you like it. If your mobile app won’t improve the user experience, you should not do it. Redesigning any app is not a child play; it involves a wide variety of efforts from specialists such as designers, developers, marketers, business analysts etc and includes several major stages.

App Redesign Services at Promatics Technologies

Why Promatics for redesigning your app?

1.) We recommend redesign only after a thorough evaluation of your existing app. Our developers will go through your application to get an idea what all changes needs to be done or will that changes really increase your business and obviously revenue.

2.) Redesigning any application takes couple of day, and that may affect your business. Our team of dedicated developers and designer’s works day and nights to get your app redesigned in as less time as possible.

3.) We redesign your app with changes that customers and users will be attracted to it along with focusing on existing customers as well, that they won’t find problem using fresh design.

4.) Our expert team of developers will enrich your mobile application with pleasing design and new features.

If you have any questions regarding app redesigns you can reach Promatics Technologies at info@promaticsindia.com or send in a Request for Quote

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